Business Culture

iContro is part of the rich legacy of the Planetsoft International Holdings Group that was established since 1995. Its core business is in the continuous Research and Development of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions.

Committed in developing a new generation World’s only full-fledged ERP Solutions based on the "ASIAN BUSINESS CULTURE".

During the continuous development stage for more than two decades, iContro itself has progressed and established operations in Singapore, Malaysia, India and Indonesia while projecting a positive landmark establishment in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other countries via partnerships.

iContro system was built based on the Asian Business Culture which is the most crucial differentiating factor, as most well-known ERP vendors are based on the Western Rigid Business Culture where it requires heavy customization that incur more cost overrun for all clients and thus making the acquiring of an ERP solution to be ultra-expensive.

By adopting the Asian Business Culture, flexibility of business that involves multitasking features, easy error rectification methods, easy to use to any level of employee, variety of user access and knowledge usage, easy security & control ready to use system with low customization and more becomes a strong advantage for iContro and also the key factor for customers to choose this solution.

iContro,built on Microsoft DotNet Technology and residing on Microsoft SQL Server database, provides the perfect platform for compilation of the decades of functionalities that is available to all customers, as the solution is based on a single program architecture. This allows the collection of features & functionalities and snowballing to all current and new customers with the widest choice of best practices in the market for any industry.

With the options to cater for IOT technologies like Mobility, Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence, the concept of smart ERP is within reach of organization but as always, the first step to migrate to the correct ERP solution is ever more crucial.

iContro focuses on key solutions with the compliment of latest available technologies to cater best fit solutions to its clients.Most expensive technologies in the market does not mean it is the best fit for all organizations. Most flexible and issue resolving technologies are the most valued and sought after.

Our latest Sixth Generation (G5) ERP Solution comes with extensive modules and technologies catering to various segments of industries.

Certified by TUV Germany, iContro G5 ERP Solution is amongst the World’s first full ERP Solution to be certified on all three core systems namely; Financial, Distribution and Manufacturing systems. This forms the entire backend operations for any organization.

iContro G5 ERP Facts
  • "iContro G5 ERP" utilises new technologies such as VB.Net (.Net Framework 4.0 and above).
  • "iContro G5 ERP Solutions" strategically coined for the international market. Our philosophy is re-inventing ERP technologies and solutions based on "Asian Business Culture" accompanied with a clean slogan, namely “LEAN, SPEED & CONTROL".
  • "With the iconic iContro G5 ERP, which is synonymous with the word “Control”, it truly represents the spirit of our mission for an ERP system that champions “LEAN, SPEED and CONTROL” design philosophy for today’s ultra-competitive, agile and versatile business environment.

Client’s Industry

Building Material
Real Estate
Automotive Leather
Skin Care & Cosmetics
Plastic Packaging
Steel Manufacturing
Printer Inks
Paint & Coating
Solder Products
Precision Tooling

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