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Billing and Sales Analysis

Billing and Sales Analysis

This system allows you to issue invoices to your customer accordingly on DO.

System will asked you to enter the product codes in the billing/invoice prepared, because this will affect the inventory, this is to control the number of each different type of products which is still available in the stock and it will automatically up-date the inventory status and you will have the full knowledge and update of the availability of you remaining raw materials


Provides instant access to online, up to date customer billing information and is seamlessly integrated with other systems.

Productivity and accuracy are increased by enabling each distributor to create their own billing flow, complete with prompts to collect required information during the invoicing process. Invoice, credit memo, debit & credit adjustment transactions for standard, branch transfer and drop ship orders are all supported. Additional capabilities include the ability to print at time of entry, duplicate printing, minimum invoice amount surcharge, standing and routine invoices and an assessment stream of changes.

Sales Analysis

Allows distributors to run comparative, summary or detailed reports that identify your most loyal customers, your most profitable items and your best salespeople.

Analyze customer and item sales, cost of goods sold, sales tax, sales commissions and rebates. A secure dashboard highlights key sales and financial indicators of your business. Sales Analysis System is a valuable management tool as it allows you to evaluate products, identify sales trends, and rank customers, enabling more informed marketing decisions.