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iContro ERP G5 made this kind of system to provide you a complete purchasing control to generate and track purchase orders from PO issue to receipts, provides control for the complete procurement process, from vendor quoting through receiving, inspection, and cost accrual and vendor payment. It automates the processes of recognizing potential suppliers, negotiating price, awarding purchase order to the supplier, and billing processes.

iContro G5 Purchasing System Persistence:

This can cover both MRP proper and the demand-based approach to inventory control. The regular checking of stock levels of materials defined by master records, use of the order-point method, and forecasting on the basis of past usage are important aspect of the final. User can enter purchase requisition, or can be generated automatically by the materials planning and control system. Purchasing system helps one to identify potential sources of supply based on past orders and existing longer-term purchase agreements. This speeds up the process of creating requests for quotation (RFQs), which can be sent to vendors electronically.

iContro G5 (M90-Sixth Generation) Purchasing system is capable of simulating pricing scenarios, allowing one to compare a number of different quotations. Rejection letter can be sent automatically.

Purchase order processing:

Purchasing system adopts information from the requisition and the quotation to help one create a purchase order. As with purchase requisitions, one can generate POs himself or have the system generate them automatically.

iContro G5 system can checks the reminder period one has specified and, if necessary, automatically prints or expediters at the predefined intervals. It also provides one with an up-to-date status of all purchase requisitions, quotations and purchase orders.

Goods receiving and inventory management:

Goods receiving personnel can confirm the receipt of good simply by entering the PO number. By specifying permissible tolerances, buyers can limit over and under-deliveries of ordered goods. iContro G5 Purchasing system support the checking and matching of invoices. The accounts payable clerk is notified of quantity and price variances because the system has access to PO and goods receipts data. This speeds the process and auditing and clearing invoices for payment.

Group Credit Limit

Explore real-time customer credit and collection analysis, both at company & group levels.

Maximize Purchase Operation Control

Up-to 10 levels of purchase approval.

iContro ERP G5 (M90) - Purchasing System for Manufacturing :

This system can help the warehouse key personnel foresee the arrival of incoming shipments.

  • Track P.O.'s from the date issued until the arrival date to ensure timely delivery and accurate quantities.
  • Integrated with the material requirement tools.
  • Purchase Orders can be automatically generated.
  • Complete PO authorization tools ensure proper authorization levels per acquisition.
  • Track all modifications made to a Purchase Order, including user, date and time.
  • Creates return material authorizations for product(s) received from a vendor but rejected.
  • A complete PO log provides past information on vendor payments, amounts and PO numbers.
  • Track vendor performance by monitoring requested and promised delivery dates.

Our Purchasing Management Modules are :